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There are 3 different Payment/Rental Profiles which support this product:

Q, What Payment Options do you have with Contract Hire?

A, Spread Rentals - The normal payment profile in today's market as it presents the opportunity to produce a lower rental than 'terminal pause' but technically the same length of contract. If you take a 36 month contract, you will pay 3 rentals in advance followed by 35 monthly rentals and the contract ends on month 36.

A, Terminal Pause – If you take a 36 month contract, they will pay 3 rentals in advance, followed by 33 monthly rentals that are then followed 2 months where no rentals are due before the end of the contract.

A, Enhanced Deposit - This is used when you want to pay a lump sum for the initial payment to reduce your monthly rental. If you take a 36 month contract, you can pay 1 rental in advance followed by 35 monthly rentals and the contract ends on month 36.

Q, How long does it take to deliver the car once ordered?

A, Delivery is subject to a number of factors, if the car is physically in stock delivery is normally between 1-2 weeks. If we need to place a factory order this can be a few months depending on Manufacture and model. 

 Q, What is an Initial Payment?

A, An Initial payment is the first payment taken out by the finance company. The amount of initial, or upfront, payment can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. 

Q, Do you only offer brand new cars?

A, Yes all of our cars are brand new, we do however from time have offers on pre –registered cars. These are cars that have been registered by the manufacture but have not been used. 

Q, Are business and Personal rentals the same?

A, This is all dependent on who the finance provider is, majority of the time personal rates are the same as business rates but there are occasion when business rates are a little lower due to manufacture discounts.

Q Does my contract include servicing and maintenance?

A, All of our rentals are calculated on a non-maintained contract unless stated, although we can amend any advertised rental to include maintenance upon the customer’s request. 

Q, When would my first service be due?

A, All models have different service intervals depending on engine etc, our sales team can confirm this upon request. 

Q, Can I transfer my private number plate to the new car? 

A, We can certainly help you with this process, to do this we would need all of the relevant paper work for your private plate. Once we have this we can then liaise with the dealership to get it transferred. 

Q, What happens once I decide to go ahead?

A, when you have decided on the model and rental of your new car, we would need to get a credit line in place with the finance funder. Once this has been agreed we can then get an official order form over to you with all the details of your new car and contract, upon receipt of your signed order we will then place the order with the manufacture and start the process in getting the car delivered to you.

Q, if I go over my contracted mileage will I be charged?

A, There will be a charge for exceeding you agreed contracted mileage, for every additional mile you do there will be a set pence per mile charged. This charge is dependent on model and contract terms but will be made aware to you before the order is place. 

Q, what happens at the end of my agreement?

A, At the end of your contract the finance company will contact you directly to arrange a day to inspect the car and to take it away, previous to this happening Silverstone will contact you a few months towards the end of your agreement to see if you would like to start looking at a replacement car. 

Business Leasing 

Q, What would be the benefit for my company leasing a car rather than buying one our right?

A, Your Business is only covering the deprecation cost of the vehicle over the length of the contract, this means that the total cost to the company is a lot lower than purchasing outright. This will then free up more cash flow through the business. 

Q, Do I still qualify for a business lease even if I’m not Vat registered?

A, Yes you would still be eligible, the only difference would be that you are unable to claim half the Vat back. 

Q, How long does my company have to be trading to qualify for a business lease?

A, Most finance companies will require your first years accounts to be submitted to company’s house, however if you haven’t yet submitted them and have draft accounts these can sometimes be accepted.

Q, How is my company car tax calculated?

A, There are several factors that go into calculating company car tax, 

1) C02 Emissions 
2) The cars taxable value (P11d)
3) Your tax payable either 20% or 40% 

Personal Leasing 

Q, What are the benefits of taking out a Personal Contract Hire,

A, there are many reasons why more and more personal buyers are taking out contact hire agreements, below are just a few.

1) Due to you handing the vehicle back to the finance company at the end of the agreement there will be no unexpected vehicle deprecation costs. 
2) You are able to get a much higher specification car for less money than you think 
3) We can tailor contract terms to meet your requirements. 

Q, How would I qualify for a Personal Contract Hire agreement.

A, All finance companies require the below to consider a Contract Hire Agreement.

1) 18 years of age 
2) 3 years employment history 
3) 3 years proof of address 
4) Full UK driving licence 

Q, Can my partner also drive the car?

Q, Can my partner also drive the car?

Q, Does my contact include servicing?

A, A standard Contract Hire agreement doesn’t include your servicing costs, we can however add maintenance package to your monthly payments which will include servicing, tyres and maintenance costs. 

How to Order...

When we have found your new car and contract we would need to get a new credit line in place with the manufacture, this can be done either two ways. You can click here and complete a credit line application page at your nearest convenience or you can give one of our sales team a call on 01604 707754 who will be more than happy to complete the form for you over the phone. Once the credit line is in place your Sourcing Consultant will then email you a copy of your customer order form to be signed and returned, once we have this we can then officially order the car.

Company Car buyers 

When looking at your next company car there a few things to look for which can reduce your company car tax, a low C02 emissions and P11d value can massively reduce company car tax. Upgrading alloy wheels can also higher original C02 emissions. The below table shows the benefit in kind % for C02 emission.

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