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Funder Maintenance

Funder maintenance packages for leasing and contract hire

If safety, peace of mind and monthly budgetting is important to you then it is worth reading this guide

Maintenance is a vital part of a vehicle's life span. You may or may not at this point have decided on a particular vehicle but you may already have started to consider your options for maintaining your new vehicle throughout the lease period.

Silverstone are here to help guide you with this decision, advising exactly what self-maintaining your vehicle involves and also how by opting for a fully maintained contract, you could save both in time and costs.

Quite simply, maintenance cover takes away the risk of paying for expensive and unplanned maintenance costs, offering complete peace of mind at a fixed monthly fee.

All maintenance packages provided by our finance partners, include routine services, replacement tyres and other repair costs which may be required to ensure that you remain mobile all 365 days a year.

Not to be confused with full UK manufacturers warranty and 12 months roadside assistance which is applicable to all vehicles sourced and supplied by Silverstone. Learn about what's typically included in a fully maintained contract, the benefits and the usual exclusions below.

What's typically included within a fully maintained contract?

  •  All manufacturer's scheduled servicing in addition to any routine and unexpected maintenance issues. 
  • Mechanical and electrical repairs and replacements, including associated parts and labour due to fair wear and tear. 
  • Bulbs, batteries, exhausts, cam belts, wiper blades, alternators and starter motors. 
  • MOT tests. 
  • Unlimited premium branded tyre replacements including valve and balance.
  • Free mobile tyre fitting service - at a convenient location for you by appointment. 
  • Tyres - no recharges for punctures or damaged tyres (dependant upon finance provider) 
  • Free service booking management. 
  • One simple phone-call and the rest is arranged for you, or book online! 
  • Free collection and delivery from your home or work address. 
  • Free wash and vac. Regular process updates on repairs. 
  • Preferential booking times arranged, urgent repairs prioritised. 
  • Courtesy car upon request. 

What are the benefits to you?

  •  Planned fixed cost budgeting. 
  • No unexpected maintenance costs. 
  • Protection from rising inflation costs. 
  • Dedicated qualified technical team to deal with problematic vehicles and manage all issues to a successful resolution. 
  • On business contract hire, VAT is 100% recoverable in the maintenance element of your contract. 

What are the typical exclusions?

  •  Repairs or replacements due to driver error or driver induced faults. 
  • Repairs due to accident damage. 
  • Missing or broken items e.g. bent aerials, missing hub caps. 
  • Vandalised and stolen wheels and/or tyres. 
  • Damaged windscreen and/or glass replacement. 
  • Misfueling. 
  • Lubricant and fluid top ups between service intervals (e.g. oil and screenwash top ups) 

Please note that maintenance packages vary depending upon the finance provider.

Our dedicated sales team are always on hand to discuss fully maintained contracts. If you would like to speak to a member of our sales team about a maintenance package, then please call 01604 978480

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